Bone Density Scan (DeXA Scan)

What is a Bone Density Scan?

Also known as a DeXA scan is a diagnostic tool used to help diagnose osteoporosis, a condition which is associated with weakening of bone, and in many cases fractures.  The test allows early diagnosis, which can lead to effective treatment which decrease risk for future fractures.

Why did the Clinician order this exam/study?

Your clinician may order this study based on symptoms including but not limited to fractures, long-term use of steroid medications-such as prednisone which interferes with the bone-rebuilding process, significant drop in hormone levels, or if you have received a bone marrow transplant.

How do I prepare for this exam/study?

Refrain from taking any calcium supplements at least 24 hours prior to the test.

Who will be administering the exam/study?

Our x-ray technician will be performing the study. Dr. Suneya Hogarty, Dr. Dave Hogarty and JW Bass, PA-C are all certified by the ISCD to read the DeXA images. We are the only office in Wayne County with this certification, which ensures that you will get the proper diagnosis and treatment you need.

What will I experience during the exam/study?

Bone density tests are commonly done on bones that are most likely to break because of osteoporosis including the lower spine bones, the femur, and bones in your forearm.  The X-Ray technician will take you upstairs to the bone density room at which point you will be asked to change into a medical gown.  You will lie on a padded platform while a mechanical arm passes over your body.  The amount of radiation you’re exposed to is very low, much less than the amount emitted during a chest X-ray for example.

What should I do after the exam/study?

You may resume regular daily activities.

When will I receive the result of my exam/study?

You will receive the results of the study at your next follow up visit.  If you do not have a follow up visit scheduled, please call our office to schedule one.  If you have been referred to our office by your primary care provider, please contact their office for results.  Our office cannot review those results with you.  We will send over the report to your ordering clinician.