Holter Monitor

What is a Holter Monitor?

A Holter Monitor is a portable device that records the rhythm of the heart continuously by means of electrodes attached to the chest.  Our office offers 2 different cardiac monitors.  A 24-hour holter monitor, which is worn for no longer than 24 hours and an extended day holter monitor which can be worn up to 2 weeks.

Why did the Clinician order this exam/study?

A clinician could order a holter monitor to be placed if you are experiencing symptoms of a heart problem or condition, such as an abnormal heart rhythm known as arrythmia, fainting spells or near fainting spells known as dyspnea.

How do I prepare for this exam/study?

There is no preparation for this study.

Who will be administering the exam/study?

Your clinicians nurse will be placing the monitor onto your chest.

What will I experience during the exam/study?

The placement is painless and noninvasive. For a 24-hour holter monitor, electrodes are placed on specified areas of the chest and all wires connected to the electrodes and the recording device are placed into a pouch that can be worn around your neck under your clothing. The monitor will then record all cardiac activity. You must wear the monitor at all times, even when sleeping.  You will be given a diary to track any cardiac related episodes such as chest pain, shortness of breath or any arrhythmias. If the clinician feels that you need a holter monitor for longer than 24-hours, they will order an extended day holter monitor.  The extended day holter monitor can be worn for up to 2 weeks. They are water-proof, so you may bathe while wearing the extended day monitor.

What should I do after the exam/study?

You may resume regular daily activities after the exam.  You could experience mild skin irritation where around the holter monitor site where tape was placed.

The 24-hour monitor is brought back into our office along with the event diary and the clinician will compare the data from the recorder and the events that you wrote down.

The extended monitor can be taken off by you at home and mailed to the company.  You will be given a prepaid package at the time of your test.  The data is downloaded from the company and sent to our clinicians to interpret.

When will I receive the result of my exam/study?

After the clinicians has reviewed and interpreted the data, you will be given your results at your next follow up appointment.  If you do not have a follow up appointment scheduled, please call to schedule one.