Steroid Injection

What is a steroid injection?

Most people might know this as a “cortisone injection.”  These days we use a newer, better version of cortisone call betamethasone.  It is an injectable drug that reduces the amount of inflammatory chemical your body makes.  The injection can also help to reduce your body’s natural immune response, which helps control inflammation.

Why did the Clinician order this exam/study?

Your clinician might have ordered this injection to help decrease inflammation affected by arthritis and is also used to treat conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), plantar fasciitis, bursitis of the hip or shoulder, tendonitis (usually in the shoulder, wrist, knee or heel) and tennis elbow.

How do I prepare for this exam/study?

There is no preparation for this injection.

Who will be administering the exam/study?

Your clinician will administer the injection. Mostly these injections are done by Dr. Dave Hogarty and Dr. Suneya Hogarty, however, we do have other clinicians in the practice that will administer them as well.

What will I experience during the exam/study?

The area of the injection will be thoroughly cleaned.  There could be slight pain or pressure associated with the injection related to the needle and fluid, however, this is mild and lasts only a few seconds. The clinician will use an MSK US guidance, which improves accuracy, decreases pain of the injection, and leads to better results.

What should I do after the exam/study?

You may resume regular daily activities.