Trigger Point Injections

What is Trigger Point?

Trigger point injections target trigger points or hyperirritable spots in the fascia surrounding the skeletal muscle.  They are associated with tight bands of muscle fibers.  The injections provide prompt pain relief of symptoms from myofascial pain syndrome.

Why did the Clinician order this exam/study?

Your clinician may have ordered these injections if you have symptoms such as shoulder pain, neck pain, tension headaches, tinnitus, joint pain, or decreased range or motion among other symptoms.

How do I prepare for this exam/study?

There is no preparation for this exam.

Who will be administering the exam/study?

Dr. Dave Hogarty will administer this exam.

What will I experience during the exam/study?

You will be asked to either sit up or lie down on the exam table.  The clinician will cleanse the injection site.  Once the clinician isolates the point of injection, the needle is inserted 1 to 2 cm away from the trigger point so that the needle may be advanced into the trigger point at an acute angle of 30 degrees to the skin.    You will feel a slight sting from the medication and pressure.  It will last for a few seconds with no down time needed.

What should I do after the exam/study?

You may resume regular daily activities.  You may experience soreness around the injection site.  This is normal and could last 1-2 days.  If the pain lasts longer than 4 days, please contact our office for further assistance.